This agreement is between World Heritage Center Hotel Alemdar, Divanyolu Caddesi, Dr. Eminpaşa Sk. No:2, 34110 Fatih/İstanbul located at 0212 511 44 33 with telephone number World Heritage Center Hotel and the customer/user (hereinafter referred to as the customer) who makes a reservation using the system, who accepts the following terms in advance by entering and confirming all his/her personal informations, whose name and computer IP no and ID number or passport number are included in the reservation form (hereinafter referred to as the customer).


2.1. This contract includes the reservation of the Customer through the hotel within the framework of the purchase of products / services within the framework of the conditions described below. In the event of a price increase in the contract price, the difference will not be claimed from the consumer, and the discounts called as action by the facility will not be refunded to the consumer.


3.1. The contract price includes VAT. 3.2. Hotel overnight stay prices in the system are in Euro exchange rate and taxes are included. 3.3. The contract price includes all services specified in the reservation. Unspecified services and extra products and services to be purchased at the hotel are subject to separate charges. These extras are paid at the check-out time 3.4. The customer who purchases a Discounted Product or Campaign Product is obliged to pay the full service fee at the time of making the reservation. The reservation is not finalized until the full payment is made. 3.5 Customers who make reservations from abroad via pay their reservations in foreign currency. 3.6. Confirmation-invoice delivery for reservations made from World Heritage Hotel Hotel Reservation department as follows: 3.7. Instant Reservation Confirmation: The reservation confirmation can be received by the customer by printing it from the computer at the last stage of the system and will also be sent to the e-mail address provided by the customer. The invoice can be issued and delivered to the customer after the accommodation is realized and the facility at the checked out. 3.8. In case of refunds, payment will be made to the credit card used for the reservation or to the customer’s bank account within 30 days.


4.1. Unless written permission is obtained from the hotel manager, it is forbidden to bring smelly, leaking, flammable or explosive items or items that cause discomfort to their surroundings and cutting, piercing and firearms into the facilities. 4.2. Rules and information including check-in and check-out times are published on the room detail pages of the website. 4 3. The customer agrees in advance that he/she is responsible for any damages caused to the fixtures and fittings in the hotel or the fixtures and fittings in the common areas during his/her stay and therefore for the elimination of the damages.


5.1. The Customer shall stay between the dates booked. If the customer wishes to extend his/her stay, he/she shall make his/her request to the hotel at least 1 day before the departure date. If the hotel has a suitable room available, the accommodation period will be extended after the customer makes the payment at the current prices. Otherwise, the customer must leave the Hotel at 12:00 at the end of the booked date. 5.2. Reservations made in writing or verbally can be canceled by the customer using the e-mail address of World Heritage Hotel or by phone by the customer 2 days before the check-in date. In the cancellation process, a deduction will be made in the amount and rules specified at the reservation stage. This cancellation fee corresponds to 100% of the accommodation price for non-refundable reservations. For refundable reservations, it is the cost of the first day of the stay. Cancellation can only be made with a special reservation / voucher number given to the customer by the system at the time of booking and the correct entry of personal information. This number is assigned exclusively to the customer and is given only for customer information for customer security. Since the cancellation of the reservation can be made by entering this number into the system, the confidentiality and storage of this number is the responsibility of the customer. In case of a No-Show, the customer cannot request a refund of the accommodation booked. The customer accepts the above-mentioned cancellation policies and TURSAB legislation and International NO-SHOW rules and undertakes that he/she cannot request any refund from World Heritage Center Hotel . 5.3. The Hotel may, if deemed necessary, partially or completely change or cancel the hotel reservation announced or registered up to 8 days prior to the start date, provided that the Hotel notifies the customer. If the customer does not accept this change and cancellation, he/she has the right to cancel his/her reservation and receive a full refund of the fee paid. In this case, the customer is not entitled to compensation. 5.4. The customer accepts the above-mentioned deductions in the event that he/she requests to cancel his/her reservation for a reason other than documenting the illnesses and deaths of himself/herself or his/her 1st degree relatives preventing accommodation with an official report from a full-fledged state hospital.


6.1. The facility cannot be held responsible for any incomplete or unavailable hotel service due to reasons such as natural disasters, social events, international relations, technical failures, strikes and protests that may occur between, at the beginning or before the Hotel reservation dates specified in this contract.


7.1 This contract is exclusively related to hotel reservation and the facility fulfills its contractual obligation by receiving the customer’s final reservation request and, following the signature of this contract, realizing the customer’s final reservation within its structure and giving the reservation confirmation. In the event of any problems with the facility, the customer agrees and undertakes that he/she will only apply to the accommodation facility operator regarding any changes or deficiencies arising during the stay. 7.2. In the event that the customer complains about any situation during the stay, he/she agrees not to demand any compensation or refund in case of partial or full use of the service. 7.3. It is the duty of care of the bona fide customer to notify the authorized person in writing during the performance of the service. If the customer uses the service to the end without notifying the facility authorities even if he/she has a complaint, his/her rights such as substitute service and refund of the price regarding the complaint issues are eliminated. 7.4. The customer accepts that he/she has read and signed this contract after receiving all kinds of information about the hotel from the website ( and by phone. The information provided to him/her will be the basis for his/her complaints arising from the lack of service and defective goods received at the hotel. 7.5. Even if the customer cannot sign this hotel reservation contract for any reason, he/she has learned the terms of this contract through the website, advertisements or e-mail sent to the e-mail address he/she has specified and is deemed to have accepted the terms of the contract. 7.6. If there is a conflict between the copy of the contract remaining in the consumer and the copy remaining in the hotel, the records of the copy remaining in the hotel shall prevail. All e-mails and fax messages between the parties shall be deemed to be conclusive evidence and the company records shall be the basis. The parties agree that their addresses and telephones shall be used for all kinds of communication and notification. addresses and telephones, and they accept and declare that all kinds of notifications and notifications to be made to the notified addresses and telephones will be made to them, unless the other party is notified in writing of any change in these addresses and telephones. 7.7. If the customer wishes, before the start of the accommodation service, he/she may take out insurance for the costs of returning to the point of departure in case of accident and illness, and for all kinds of accidental damages and treatment costs. 7.8. Identity and age checks are made at the entrance to the facility. If there is a difference due to incorrect or incomplete declarations, it will be collected by the hotel at the time of check-in. 7.9. In case of price increases for the early booking period and/or all periods (except for system-related inaccuracies), the difference is not requested from the customer, and the discounts called as action by the facility are not refundable. 7.10. The hotel may send campaigns and notifications to the e-mail address, postal address and mobile phones provided by the customer. With the signature in this contract, the pension obtains the permission of the customer to send. 7.12. In case of disputes that may arise between the customer and the hotel, the customer has the right to apply to the Consumer Court or the Consumer Arbitration Committee. Before applying here, sending the complaint in writing to the hotel’s customer service in writing and giving the hotel 14 working days to respond to the hotel is accepted as a goodwill indicator in resolving disputes.


8.1. With this document, I authorize World Heritage Center Hotel to collect the reservation fee from my credit card with the number written above. In the event that my debt cannot be collected from my credit card account, I accept and undertake to pay with a maturity difference over the credit card interest rate, I have read, understood, accepted, signed and received a copy of this contract with a total of 8 articles on pages issued in our name. Please send the contract to e-mail after signing this contract.